Monday, July 22, 2013

Who Am I?

I'm excited about my first "real" blog.  I always have felt that my most effective mode of communication was through writing.  Back in junior high school my best friend, Amanda and I decided, after a few quite disastrous oral arguments, that we would only disagree on paper.  We would pass a sheet of paper back and forth discussing/disagreeing/fighting over whatever 13-year-old girls fight about and then we'd work it out, on paper, and then walk away as if nothing happened. It was old-fashioned, rudimentary text messaging, with the shouting in capital letters and everything.  Since then I have worked on my oral communication skills, of course, but I have always enjoyed and still do enjoy putting my thoughts into written word.

There's all kinds of pressure when you start a blog....I mean, it's kind of presumptuous to think people will actually read what you have to say, isn't it?  I  don't have great weight loss tips or nutrition facts or the perfect way to apply lipstick.  I don't and I won't pretend that I know the answers to all of the mysteries of life.  I certainly don't want a cliche blog about being a working mom or a crafty cooking female (although I wish I were crafty and that I had genius recipes, haha!) or the political decline of America, or a blog Jesus juking everything and everyone I see.  I just want to share a bit of my life with as many as I can.

Who am I?  And what makes me think you would want to read what I have to say?  I'm nobody special....but I have a special life.  We all do!  I'll spend some time filling in the details as I write, but here's the rundown:  I'm Sarah.  I'm almost 36 (yikes!).  I'm married to Jonathan Kelley, I have a baby boy, Arlis, that will be 2 in December, and I live in Lakeland, Polk County, FL.  I'm a pediatric audiologist (google it).  My husband is a pastor.  Here's my family:

And just for the sake of pure adorableness, here's one more of Arlis:

Yeah, he likes to wear hats and impress the ladies with his charm.  :)

This blog is going to be about the journey.  What has brought me here to this moment and what is to come.  There are a lot of exciting things ahead, so join me if you will.